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Welcome to JCM Tuition

Your Path to Success

At JCM tuition, we put students first. As a top tutoring centre since 2011, we have customized techniques and teaching methods that guarantee students better scores every time. Get in touch to begin your path to success.

Students Writing on Board

The Tried and True JCM Tuition Way

Meeting the Needs of Every Student

With years of experience and knowledge, JCM tuition gives students the tools they need to achieve their academic dreams. We help students realize their full potential and develop the confidence to excel in any situation.


Top Experienced  Tutors

Our Competitive Advantage

At JCM tuition, we teach students to work smarter, not harder. With innovative teaching techniques, experienced ,qualified tutors and quality learning materials, we help students strengthen their foundations and improve their skills, with guaranteed results.

Math Homework

Trusted Teaching Methods

We Put our Students First

Our proven methodologies and teaching techniques at JCM tuition are guaranteed to boost exam scores and build confidence in all students, no matter their starting point. There are no tricks or shortcuts - just tried and true strategies for success.

Good Grades

Guaranteed Results

Rigorous Study. Real Results.

At JCM tuition, our dedicated and experienced tutors provides students with comprehensive lessons that lead to real results in a short period of time. We’re here to give our students  world-class guidance and help them achieve their best.


Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way

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11+ examination

Preparing You for Success and getting higher score

Our 11+ classes  teaches children  a number of successful  exam-taking strategies that will lead to increased their confidence and give then a better analytical skills towards the exam. This class also focuses on the various subject areas and works with children individually in gaining a high score . Contact us for more information and to register.

GCSE Classes

Reach Higher

Learn how to beat those tricky questions and accelerate your academic capabilities with the  GCSE Classes. This course is the perfect way to improve your skills, reduce any anxiety, and boost your confident  by preparing you to gaining higher GCSE grades .

SATs Examination 

Exceed Your Expectations

 Our SATs examination classes prepares Year 6 children for the SATs examinations in English and Mathematics that take place in May. It will run from September  to May. With flexible schedules, it is easy to find a course that suits your needs.


Happy Students and Parents

Teacher is really good at teaching us and preparing us for the questions in future . He helps us with a lot of things like home work and tests.


Prompt service with credible tutors , always delivering excellent services .

Jenifer .I.

The teacher is good  and i have no concern about his teaching  and my kids  enjoyed  having him as their private tutor.

Jcm Tuition  services  is awesome! Quality  teaching with a reasonable price. 

thanks alot




I am writing to inform you that my kids enjoyed their first lesson with the tutor.

Mr Patrick



20 High Street, Brightlingsea , Colchester,CO7 0AG

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