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Maths and English Classes

Builds Your Academic Confidence

This  Class  is an excellent way for your to build upon existing academic foundations and learn additional skills that will ensure that them excel on English and Maths. With flexible schedules, it is easy to find a course that suits your needs.

- Reception - key stage 2 class 

Our English Class  will focus on your child's Phonics, reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening .

The Maths class will focus on building your child mathematical core and applied skills on :

  • Subtraction, addition, multiplication & division

  • Decimals, fractions & percentages

  • Geometry, shapes and algebra

  • Word problems & problem solving

  • Money, calendars and telling the time

  • Data handling, probability and reasoning

-The KS3 Stage

​The KS3 syllabus is the start of the Secondary School, and gives the foundation towards GCSEs. Our class focuses on the English curriculum becomes much more detailed, involving Shakespeare as well as poetry and writing for a variety of audiences. In Mathematics algebra is introduced, as well as adding to the concepts of number, shape and data handling.

JCM's Key Stage 3 Tuition  is tailored  to build that fundamental stage for  your child’s development. it allows them to build upon the foundations in KS2 whilst aiming towards their GCSEs with confidence.

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